Akshay’s Entertainment, Only for Kids: Readers Review

entertainment movie review BollywoodPresents.com brings to you the review of Akshay Kumar’s movie ‘Entertainment’, as experienced by one of our readers. Mayank grover is a chartered accountant and went for the movie with his kids. His kids enjoyed the movie thoroughly and even Mayank did, even though he admits that he may probably not have liked the movie had he gone alone or with friends of his age group.

Movie: Entertainment
Director: Sajid-Farhad (they’ve written dialogues for most Rohit Shetty’s films)
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Tammannaah, Praksh Raj, Sonu Sood, Krushna Abhishek

What happens when an average man suddenly is liked to get huge inherited money? And what happens when the only roadblock to getting that 3000 crore rupees is a cute Golden Retriever named Entertainment? Well, that’s what the movie is about.

Due to a clause in the will, Akshay Kumar has to look after the dog, who’s now the technical owner of the mansion and moneys.

Greed makes him hatch a plan to eliminate the dog, while two villains (Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood) just out from jail, set their eyes on the inheritance. The film then takes a predictable route where the right person finally nails the inheritance.

The first half of the movie is funny (for kids) where the two characters try to get rid of the dog using a book ’50 Ways to Kill By Accident’ (shown in a very Home Alone manner). As expected, the dog outsmarts them every time.

The film has all the dialogues/jokes pertaining to dogs, so the characters keep saying that the dog will die a “kutte ki maut”. Akshay asks a German Shepherd if it’s even been to Germany; the song ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ plays in the background. Other dialogue uses names of films and actors to make a point — “Humein nana patkar mat kehna, tum hi hamaari asha bhonsle ho.” “Jaisi Karni Waisi Mamta Kulkarni”, “Hamari Ekta mein hi humein Shobha Deti Hai” and “I Rajni can’t believe this.” Then, there is word-play between unrelated words like sympathy and sampatti, mention and mansion and so on. DNA becomes ‘Daddy’s Naajayaz Aulaad’.

Entertainment marks the directorial debut of the commercially successful writer team of Sajid-Farhad (Bol Bachchan, Chennai Express). Akshay Kumar is excellent in the movie and the the dog’s really cute, huge draw for the kiddie audience.

Overall, its a funny film when you watch with your kids. Entertainment surprises you with its delightful absurdity. Do not look out for some sensible story-line though.