Affordable luxury travel from Abercrombie & Kent Vacations India

Abercrombie & Kent vacations (A&K) are projecting themselves as an affordable provider of luxury vacations.

Their pick of destinations, end-to-end service, out-of-the-ordinary experiences, concierge type of service, have made Abercrombie & Kent among the top travel agencies in India.

They offer Tailor Made journeys that are private (just for you and your companions) and include sites far beyond the reach of the average traveler.

The company specializes in off-beat locations around the world that the Indian luxury traveler may not have seen yet. For example – cruise ship on the Irrawaddy river in Myanmar, mobile camping in the African desert (where you can still have your Jain food).

A&K also designs Tailor Made journey throughout India.

Watch: Discover India on a Luxury Journey

Despite the good growth in the budget travel segment in India, Abercrombie & Kent wish to focus only on the luxury segment in India, so that they can provide better value to the Indian client.

Luxury is no longer staying in a 7-star hotel and taking a stretch limousine.

Upcoming Travel Trends

People now want to take shorter but more frequent holidays (no more just the single, annual vacation). The only long holidays are honeymoons. More and more holidays are about celebrations 50th birthdays, baby showers, weddings (with extended families or friends). Adventure travel is also picking up, with people planning skiing and scuba diving holidays.