Indian Govt’s Advisory: Taxis are Unsafe, Forward Taxi Number to Near Ones

Indian Govt's Advisory: Taxis are Unsafe, Forward Taxi Number to Near OnesNew government of India advisory recently introduced another suggestion for foreign toursists ‘on being safe and secure’ when traveling in India. It suggests that foreign tourists in India take a picture of the taxis number plate and forward it to near ones, before travelling in a taxi.

Toursists who come to India are handed a ‘Welcome to India; Tips for Tourists’ booklet at the immigration counters at India’s major airports, and one of the points states: “Take the photo of the taxi number plate and share it with your near ones”. It also cautions toursists against boarding taxis that already have a passenger.

An official associated with the tourism board this is an additional safety measure, especially for women.
“Now even if someone damages the mobile phone (of the tourist)…at least this image has gone out. And if the taxi driver resists you from taking the photo of the number plate, one can simply refuse to take the taxi.”

Though there are several safety related apps on mobile phones that can send SOS to friends and relatives, the authorities have taken this a step further, and are suggesting that tourists take this extra step for their own safety.

If you’re an Indian, you may probably not like reading this, as it basically asks foreign tourists to take care of their own safety.

This looks like the typical Indian way of fixing things, and that is…instead of fixing things at home, give the responsibility to the foreign tourists, who have come all the way to India’. We just hope that this doens’t unnerve the foreign tourists, as they land in India.

Well, on a lighter note, at least you get an opportunity to check if your camera is working fine and the batteries fully charged, before you get into that taxi. So don’t forget to take a photo of the Taxis Number Plate & forward it to your near ones.