Top Ads By Tourism Boards Target Workaholics

The job of the Tourism Board of any location – be it a state or a country is to get more tourists to their locations. And for that they need to market their beautiful locations.

Most of the advertisements by Tourism Boards around the world rely on the age old tactic of target workaholics, and making them repent over the adventure they are missing out by not going on a vacation.

Take a look at these popular advertisements by Tourism boards.

Watch: Ad by Mexican Tourism Board. The film uses acting doubles to show workaholics the adventures they could be having if they could just take the time.

Watch: City Of Dubai, Spirit of Dubai Video


Watch: Meet South Africa (New South African Tourism brand video)

Watch: ASEAN Tourism Ads – Southeast Asian Countries Tourism Commercials

Watch: VisitScotland — Surprise Yourself. A superb video by Scotland’s national tourist board.

Watch: Korea. Your Story – Official TVC for Korea Tourism