Ad shows how creepy Men look when they stare at Women on the street

Checkout this brilliant video on women empowerment, made by Whistling Woods International films school.

Eve teasing, getting unwanted stares, inappropriate touches, are some of the problems that most women in India face.

This video highlights the harassment and embarrassment that women face in their day today life (i’m sure this problem isn’t unique just to India), and encourages women to stand up for themselves and fight such atrocities.

Lyrics of the song used in the background means “This is how you look when you stare at me.”

Watch: “Dekh Le” video on women empowerment made by Whistling Woods International

There are many in men in India (even politicians) who say that part of the problem is because women don’t dress appropriately and need to cover up. In the video, there’s a woman in burqa, literally covering all her body except her face and hands, and yet the man stares at her (it happens in real life too).