Creative industries are important economic drivers for any country. They help to increase the innovation capacity of the economy and can be a powerhouse for future economic growth. India has developed a leading edge in key areas of creative industries like film, television, music, design, architecture, comics and animation, games and digital entertainment, etc. The cultural and creative industries create an added value to India’s Gross Domestic Product.

Traditional diplomacy used to be about government-to-government relations. However, Modern diplomacy is more about people-to-people relations. And culture (including films) is central here. The thousands of films that India produces every year adds to the country’s soft power and helps the country to supplement diplomacy. is the go-to entertainment site for all those who eat, sleep, and drink movies, and are keen to stay updated about the creative industries in India. With questionable viewpoints and genuine originality, we have become one of the most popular independently owned entertainment sites on the internet (thanks to our loyal readers for that).

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suresh bistSuresh Bist (Business Head), Mobile: +91 9892486442

Suresh has a background in computer science and software development. After working in the corporate world for over a decade, he worked as a freelancer for various production houses & event management companies help them roll out short films and videos. He plays the keyboards (took piano lessons for a few years), understands music technology, and has keen interest in music, audio & video gear. Suresh manages the business part of BollywoodPresents and writes on a variety of topics related to film business, entertainment industry, film tourism, technology and career.
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Aparna WarrierAparna Warrier (Sub-Editor)
Aparna has over a decade of experience in th advertising industry. She writes on a variety of topics including celebrity gossip, fashion and grooming.
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Amu Murli (Sub-Editor)
Amu has several years of HR experience working for leading companies. She works as a sub-editor and writes on television, travel and culture.
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Shivanee Lalwani (Sub-Editor)

Shivanee, the junior most staff in the our team, writes on latest film news and music releases.
Articles by Shivanee

BollywoodPresents Team

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