Aspiring film students take notice, Aamir Khan to train two new interns every year

Aamir Khan to train two new interns every year, Fatima and Sanya (Dangal co-stars) were his first batch of interns.

This is great news for youngsters who wish to make a career in the film industry. If you’re not sure about your next assignment or are on a break (waiting for the right opportunity to come by), you could utilize that time in a constructive manner by working as an intern with the perfectionist ‘Aamir Khan’.

Aamir Khan’s young co-stars in Dangal, Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra were among the first to get this opportunity.

In January 2016, we wrapped up Dangal’s film shoot and didn’t have anything to do. So, Fatima and I decided to go on an India darshan. That’s when Aamir Khan asked us if we would want to intern with him,” said Sanya Malhotra

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So what is like to work with Aamir Khan?


‘AK’ has a reputation as a workaholic. While working on post-production, our work days would stretch upto 12 hours. On some days, we would sit for almost five to six hours at (composer) Pritam’s office working on the background score. Later, we would go with Aamir for dubbing sessions, which would be followed by a meeting with the music or editing team. We would return home by 10 pm. When we went to work, we would listen to stories of how Aamir worked till 4 am,” said Sanya.

And you thought film-making was easy?

Besides, these girls were working with Aamir Khan, the man who has a penchant for perfection, which isn’t possible without putting in long hours (his hard work is reflected in his movies).

We would say the two young actors should be thankful to Aamir Khan for the opportunity that was provided to them, its like working as an Assistant Director (AD) with one of India’s leading actor & filmmaker.