Top 7 films which demonstrate why Aamir Khan is known as the Perfectionist in Bollywood

Aamir Khan is known as the ‘perfectionist’ in Bollywood. When it comes to his roles, he always gives his 100 percent. Its not for nothing that people in the film industry call him a perfectionist; Aamir is always ready for new challenges.

Here are the films in which Aamir got into the skin of his characters.

  1. Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s amazing transformation from fat to fit for Dangal (Watch Video)

    The makers of Dangal released a promotional video that focused on Aamir Khan’s body transformation (from fat to fit) for the character of ex wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat.

    Aamir Khan even shares how he managed to achieve those two extremely distinct & different looks of Mahavir Singh Phogat.

    While Aamir sports a middle aged (with paunch) look for a major chunk of the film (weighing around 90-95 kgs). The younger version required Aamir to weigh around 70-75 kgs with lean muscles.


    The bulky Aamir Khan weighs 97 kgs with 38% body fat! The actor says it was easy to gain weight but he felt very unhealthy. The actor suffered from breathlessness and also had multiple injuries while wrestling in that heavy body structure.

    But he enjoyed the challenge of losing 25 kgs in 25 weeks, which was required for the younger Aamir’s role. Mr. perfectionist is known for his dedication and Aamir managed to get the desired look in under 6 months (following a strict fitness regime), weighing 70 kgs with 9% body fat.

    aamir khan dangal

    Looking at the making video, the transformation does look very impressive. Remember his ripped physique in Ghajini? Even that had impressed his fans a lot, and even in this case Aamir has done a phenomenal job.

    Watch: Fat To Fit | Aamir Khan Body Transformation for Dangal

  2. Aamir Khan’s Young College Boy Look in ‘3-Idiots’

    For ‘3 Idiots’, Aamir toned down a lot and almost looked like a college student. Before Raju Hirani started filming for ‘3 idiots’, he was not sure how Aamir waould transform himself into a college going teenager. But he knew that Aamir Khan would do it (considering his perfectionist image).

    Watch: All Izz Well song from 3 Idiots

  3. Went Nude in ‘PK’

    Aamir Khan went nude (with only a transistor) in the opening scene of ‘PK’, to make it look more realistic. he was an astronaut from another planet. The nude poster created much controversy.

    Aamir goes nude: Art or Vulgarity

  4. When Aamir Khan Mastered Tap Dancing

    Aamir Khan Learns Tap Dancing for Dhoom 3
    Not among the ones to take his audience and fans for granted, Aamir Khan learnt to tap dance for his movie ‘Dhoom 3’, to make the scenes look natural. He may not be known for his dancing skills, but looking at the video, the ‘3 Idiots’ star seems to have delivered a perfect performance.

  5. Aamir Khan Learnt Swimming for ‘Talaash’

    Aamir Khan, who did not know swimming at all, learnt swimming for his role in Talaash. He actually learnt underwater swimming, which is more difficult than the regular one, for his character of Inspector in Talaash.

    “Actually Dave (trainer) is helping me prepare under water sequence, he is helping me with breathing exercises which increases my lung power and allows me to stay under water for longer,” Aamir had said.

  6. Aamir Khan’s Ripped Body for ‘Ghajini’

    Today, all the stars want to have six pack abs and a beefed up body. But again, this trend was started by Mr. Perfectionist.

    For his blockbuster ‘Ghajini’, Aamir Khan really bulked up and got himself a ripped body that became the talk of the town.

  7. Moustache in Mangal Pandey

    For ‘Mangal Pandey’, he grew out his hair and sported a big moustache. The movie didn’t do well at the box office (one of those exceptions), but Aamir’s look as well as his performance in the movie were highly appreciated.

    Watch: Mangal Mangal Song from Mangal Pandey

Any other movie, where Aamir Khan transformed his looks to get into the skin of the character? Please let us know here.