A German Student’s Tryst with Bollywood

German Student Tryst with Bollywood

Most Germans have come to India searching for their roots. One such particular student recounts here experience.

“With my dark hair and looks unlike most Germans, I grew up being mocked at. But in the ’90s, when Bollywood became big in my country, I was all of a sudden this princess from the land of vibrant colors and charisma.

Since I knew nothing about India, I came here to find out for myself what the country’s all about,” she says with a grin as she flips through a Hindi translation of a Samuel Beckett play at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, Mumbai.

With the exception of discovering herself, she also landed bit roles in Hindi movies. She then made a decision to enroll for a formal course in acting that could help her form a base in the industry.

With her Hindi reading and speaking skills improving by the day, she hopes to tap into her network of friends from the industry to build a career in Bollywood. And she has already begun to fit in.

In the school’s empty corridors, she sails around dressed in a long skirt with a distinctively Indian print, humming Udi udi , the song from Guzaarish. Though Sharma grew up dancing to Hindi film tunes, the training in Bollywood dance, she claims, has made her skilled enough to be able to do the jhatkas and matkas without feeling awkward.

To give in to the enticement to stay back isn’t unexpected.

But equally, the ambitions of these international students are quite realistic. Some of them may be able to emulate the likes of successful foreign imports like Katrina Kaif, however they are also cognizant of their language handicap.

Overall, its a fascinating journey for many in bollywood, and they sure seem to be enjoying it!