Most Indians don’t own a PAN card, India going too fast with GST and digitisation, feels Shatrughan Sinha

While the intentions of India’s top leaders are good, Shatrughan Sinha feels, on certain aspects (GST, digital banking), the pace of implementation is too fast. ‘Shotgun’ (nickname) cites the example of demonetisation, where most Indians hadto face hardships.

Shatrughan Sinha supports Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s radical economic reforms, but he is also apprehensive of the speed of the implementation, and feels the country is rushing through the motions of progress and development too quickly.

“I’m not sure that a majority of Indians follow what Goods and Services Tax Law (GST) is. We’ve seen the peril of hasty economic reforms (the demonetisations drive in November 2016). I just hope there won’t be confusion over the finer points this time. A large part of the Indian population doesn’t know about digitised banking and taxation. Forget about digitisation, a majority of Indians don’t even own a PAN card,” says Shatrughan.

Shatrughan however added that he was not questioning the intentions of the PM and the Finance minister.

“I’m very confident that Modi saab and (Arun) Jaitely saab, know what they’re doing. I’m just not sure if the public is ready for these radical reforms. I hope and pray they’re ready,” he signs off.

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I guess we Indians should be happy that we finally have someone at the top who wants to put India on the fast-track towards development.

Regarding GST, you don’t need to be good at computers or try to do it all by yourself. Just provide the details to an accountant or ask someone for help.