Kabali Breaks ALL Records at Box Office, But Some Call it a Failure

With Kabali smashing all previous records at the box office (Kabali has crossed well over Rs 400 crore globally), Rajinikanth proves that he is more than a superstar.

However, after the great commercial success of Kabali, lots of criticism has also started pouring in,
with many calling the movie weakly-scripted and lacking the Superstar punch (most agree that this could have been a great film).

Lot of Bollywood critics have said that Rajinikanth’s performance is the only saving grace, otherwise, the film is a letdown because of its slow pace.

Mridula Ramagudu of Firstpost said: “The story of Kabali is simple and nothing you haven’t seen before. It’s also clich├ęd in many aspects. But what drives it is Rajnikanth.”

Srivatsan of India Today said: “Kabali doesn’t even serve the typical Rajini moments to Thalaivar’s innumerable fans. There’s the iconic scene of the ‘Style Samrat’ ruffling his hair, which we had a glimpse of in the teaser, but that’s all.”

Watch: Kabali Trailer.

Here are a couple of celebrities who have a difference of opinion on the movie ‘Kabali’.

Legendary lyricist/poet Vairamuthu, who has written several songs for Rajni’s movie said that the movie was a failure, for which he faced a backlash from Rajini fans. Some even said that Vairamuthu was being “venomous” because he wasn’t picked up to write the lyrics for the film.

There’s another celebrity, and this time from Bollywood, who criticized Kabali (he did not criticize the movie as such, but fails to understand the hype around Rajinikanth’s stardom).

Nana Patekar feels that the movie is always the actual super star and not the actor. For Nana, it’s always the film that is on a higher pedestal than the actor, however big his aura.

“Film is the biggest superstar. If you story is good and executed well then, even if actors are new, the film will do well. As far as stars are concerned, the film will run for two or three days but later on if the film is not good enough, it will not run irrespective of who the star of the film is,” Nana Patekar.

Kabali is an action-thriller and emotional drama of an aged-gangster. Its directed by Pa Ranjith, produced by Kalaippuli S Thanu. The film features Rajinikanth as don Kabali, Radhika Apte plays his wife, Sai Dhanshika plays the role of a sniper and well known Chinese actor Winston Chao is featured in the negative character.