India Travel Tips: Things You Should Know Before Coming to India

India Travel Tips Planning a visit to India? Here are some useful things to know before coming to the land of culture and traditions, to make your trip more fun, and less frustrating.

  1. To really enjoy India, learn to embrace the chaos
  2. The ubiquitous auto-rickshaw is the best mode of transport for short-trips and to get around any crowded city. In places like Mumbai, however, you’ll have to ask a few rickshaw-walas before one will agree to take you around. In smaller cities, you may have to bargain over the fare (In bigger cities, they have electronic meters).
  3. Crossing the streets in the big Indian cities can be tricky (as some motorists may not follow the signs). So look both ways (even if the road says one-way). You’ll also need some sense of timing. Although the vehicles move slowly, there will be tons of them on the streets.
  4. Want drinking water? Plain bottled water means room temperature. Cold bottled water means chilled.
  5. Be prepared to encounter beggars, especially street children, who’ll ask for food or money. Some of them will moan and make gestures suggesting they’re hungry. Its difficult to ignore them, also heart breaking, especially if this is your first visit to India.
  6. If you want to try out the local cuisine, eat at good restaurants, or just eat in moderation, to get a feel of it.
  7. The tour guides will typically mention their kids at some point, they will mention that their families are in great need (most of them are poor by the way). Again, an emotional moment, because by then you know the tour guide well, and you may not feel like negotiating much.
  8. It may not be possible to find clean washrooms everywhere, or you may have to pay to use one. So plan your loo-breaks.
  9. Be prepared to jump into a Bollywood movie set. After all, India produces the most number of movies every year.
  10. Want to learn Bollywood dancing? Surprisingly, you’ll find dance studios only in major cities (Mumbai and to some extent in Delhi) where you can learn Bollywood dancing. Most dance studios in other cities (like Bangalore) teach Western style dancing.

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Things you should know before going to India
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It turns out the restaurant's washroom was a place for washing hands. There was another room for other business, you tourist. Another evening, our whole group stumbled onto a Bollywood movie set in our hotel lobby, and I could swear someone yelled, “Cut!