India through the Eyes of Roger Federer: Hilarious

Tennis legend Roger Federer has a huge fan following, even in India. So when he requested his Indian fans to suggest some good places which he could see on his short visit to India, his fans more than obliged. Its just that they made the images funny! Some of them were so hilarious that Federer himself re-tweeted some of them. Roger Federer’s will be in India to take part in the International Premier Tennis League.

It all started with a simple request.

Here are some of the hilarious responses the tennis champ received from his fans. The images, more or less, gives a depiction of what a foreign tourist is likely to see in India.
Foreigners think its easy to spot snakes, monkeys, cows in India, and to some extent its true (although its not a common sight in big cities). Here’s an image of a monkey and its handler, doing a street performance. Its just that the handler’s face has been replaced by Roger Federer’s!

Taj Mahal is everybody’s favorite, so Federer’s image has been place there…easy to do with Photoshop or any photo editing software.

Rajasthan is another favorite of foreigners, and some of the biggest (& grandest) weddings happen here in Rajasthan. Besides Jaisalmer, there are other places also to visit in Rajasthan.

Kerala is another favorite tourist destination in India. Here’s Roger federer riding an elephant….done with Photoshop.

The omnipresent Rickshaw, seen in most cities. They should have made an image showing Roger arguing with the Rickshaw driver over the meter readings/fare.

The holy Ganges, and the city of Benaras/Varanasi, another favorite with tourists.

Qutub Minar, another landmark, located near Delhi

Holi, the festival of colors, celebrated all over India. But its celebrated in the March/April

The art of Mehendi, common during weddings

And how can anyone miss Bollywood & the Indian film industry, when in India? Here’s Federer doing a ‘Nonsense ki Night’ with other Bollywood stars…This is not real guys, just Photo-editing tricks at work.

Indians Have a Sense of Humour…But

These were some really creative images, done using photo-editing software like Photoshop. With millions of fan followers, and most who are eager to help, Roger Federer really doesn’t need a travel agent to plan his itinerary.

Going by the images, there’s no doubt that we Indians have a good sense of humour…but is it that we only like it when the joke is not on us?