UK fashion show organizers want Bipasha Basu to pay 25,000 pounds (Rs 20 Lakh) or face legal action

UK fashion show organizers want Bipasha Basu to pay 25,000 pounds as compensation (for refusing to walk the ramp as showstopper at the India Pakistan London Fashion Show) or face legal action.

Bipasha Basu was to walk the ramp as the showstopper but she refused to do so at the last moment, thus causing monetary loss to the organizers — Gurbani Kaur & Ronita Sharma Rekhi. The organisers claim that Bipasha didn’t turn up for the show despite taking the advance and flying at their expense to the UK.

“Bipasha wanted her husband to fly out to London with her and wanted their stay be extended to five nights, which was originally for three nights only. The actor asked the organisers to pay for their entire stay otherwise “she will not do our event so now this is like a gun point situation.” Rekhi says they fulfilled all demands and yet Bipasha didn’t show up for the event,” said Ronita Sharma Rekhi on her Facebook page.

With Bipasha writing an open letter claiming that she was bullied by the organizers (the organisers claim whatever the actress has written is false), the organizers now feel that even their reputation could be at stake. Hence they have decided to seek compensation.

“We have suffered not only monetary loss but her open letter defames us and we might even lose our reputation. We went out of our way to give her everything that she desired. Her claims of getting bullied are all rubbish. In fact, it was we who were bullied by a celebrity. She was extremely unprofessional and unethical in her commitment,” Rekhi.

Gurbani Kaur and Ronita Sharma Rekhi say that the Bong actress has to pay compensation for their damages worth 25,000 pounds in a week, else they will take legal action against her and also expose her unprofessional behaviour when she was in London with hubby Karan.

Bipasha Basu has her own version of what happened.

“To set the record straight – The deal was made with a set of agreed conditions. However, when I landed there for the project as planned, I realized that the organizers hadn’t honored their end of the bargain. I had agreed to travel on a hospitality deal but never was I treated so badly. My self-respect holds the highest value and I refuse to be a victim of bullying or arm twisting. They expected me to hold true to my end of the bargain, whereas they had completely defaulted at their end. Using the fact that my name had already been publicised. Contrary to rumors, as soon as I landed in London , we made our own hotel bookings and I also immediately re-booked our own travel. Being a part of the Bollywood fraternity, I’ve never experienced such a callous and high-handed treatment before. So instead of creating a scene there, I chose to keep the high ground and backed off from the event.”

I understand that some people were inadvertently hurt by my actions; but I believe we all have the right to stand by our self respect and choose to walk away from humiliating situations. There are no free lunches in this world and everyone needs to be compensated for the work they do and when the terms and conditions aren’t met, it is only natural and professional to opt out of the deal,” Bipasha.